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Artistry Cosmetics and Skin Care is ranked as one of the Top 5 Prestigious brands in the world. With a desire to revamp their product lines and reach more customers in all age groups, Artistry embarked on a journey to create their first ever millennial targeted and socially driven product line, Artistry Studio.

“Artistry Studio brings to life the hottest cities around the globe where we soak in the culture, art and fashion, the sound of the local beats—the essence of what makes each city thrive. Out of it all, we will curate our favorite colors, textures, scents and techniques to create a collection of must-experience beauty products.”

The Opportunity

Millennial woman value authenticity and prefer experiences over products. They connect with brands that share the same values and interests. With this mindset, we knew marketing this ethos to an audience of our peers (millennials) was something we could perform to connect with their customers.

The Solution

Working along side of the Artistry Global team, the Global Digital team and partnering with the Global Marketing & Communications team cross-functionally for the launch of Studio, allowed us the time and space to absorb the internal beauty culture that Artistry wished to market across the world.

As apart of the brand strategy, we connected Studio and their customer with digital in every aspect. From crowd sourcing for product innovation to offline beauty events connected back to social and microsite with campaigns to promote shopping experiences; we were sure to incorporate digital from every strategic touchpoint.

So much so, that in any meetings, we would stop, deliberate and think through digital connections back to the customer. If the idea did not have digital in mind, we either found a solution or pushed the idea to a parking lot. Seamless digital touchpoints were the crux of every major decision at Studio.

Today, millennial beauty enthusiasts in the Artistry world have a place to call their own. Marketing and sales messages take a back seat to lifestyle. Consistent updates and product drop dates drive desire and provides the community information and education.

Today, Artistry Studio can ask the question, “who runs the world?” and the community unanimously responds...well, you know 😉

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