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Chef Jason Roberts

A New Zealand native who splits his time between Sydney and New York City, Jason Roberts is an internationally known chef, author, television personality, brand ambassador, fitness enthusiast, and gluten-free lifestyle advocate.

Chef Jason Roberts, (abbrv. “Cjr”), is a self-proclaimed "goodness creator" and a passionate supporter of Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry campaign; which strives to end childhood hunger in America. With a passion for fitness and desire to help those in need, Jason Roberts Co-Founded Chefs Cycle for No Kid Hungry in 2014. An annual event for peer-to-peer fundraising endurance events featuring award-winning chefs.

The Opportunity

Chef Jason Roberts has a deep understanding of how to remain compelling and relevant on social media and is known globally for his incredible content; however, his desire was to up the game, attain an organized approach to digital marketing and add a tremendous amount of strategic value to his brand partnerships around the world.

The Solution

We consulted and managed Chef Jason Roberts’ digital marketing plan and developed a pathway to help increase brand partnerships. Authenticity was top of the list when executing the strategy. So, unifying his offline vision, mission, voice and tone, we were able to take the Chef’s personality and bring it to life online.

The first step of Cjr’s strategy was building credibility. From creativity in the kitchen to adventures on land, sea and air - Chef Roberts impacted many around the globe. Attaining Cjr verification on digital platforms has allowed us to continue to storytell not only his life’s journey, but also connect the dots for awareness for causes and movements he believes in.

Next, we implemented digital/social best practices for Cjr’s brand elevation. Amongst this feat was an in depth and comprehensive community management strategy, which drove engagement and sentiment. More followers, more likes, more data, more stats.

Content is easy, when you know what your doing. However, creating an organized approach when transitioning from a “personality” to a “brand” requires investment and patience. Whether it is text, email, messenger; our partnership requires flexibility, agility and understanding. We are sure to meet Cjr at his preferred touchpoint.

Today, Chef Jason Roberts’ digital and social marketing plan is sustainable and monetizable. With a few transitions, changes and elevations, Cjr connects with his audience with aspirational and inspirational content to raise awareness for the brands, causes and movements he believes in.

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