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XS Energy, sharing positive energy, globally.

In 2002, XS Energy came to market with disruption in mind. The first, online, globally sold zero sugar, zero carb energy drink. XS quickly became known as a beverage with an opportunity in every can. With values built on lifestyle and sharing positive energy, the founders created a brand that appealed to all age demographics and offline communities. In 2014, XS Energy was acquired by direct sales giant Amway Global.

The Opportunity

In 2014, the XS long range business plan was centered around driving brand engagement, online and off. With millennials and digital top of mind, the XS team was determined to revolutionize how their distributors engaged with the brand, while maintaining the growth in each new market. The executive team chose social as the platform to connect the dots between offline events and online storytelling.

The Solution

Vishaal Pandya (Today’s AX lead strategist), reported to the XS Global corporate team, V.P. of XS and the Brand Director, while cross-functionally partnering with the brand’s agency of record to create the XS Global Digital Marketing Strategy.

At the strategy’s core, Vishaal built a foundation for community to gain firsthand information and education to support the on-the-ground distributors and increase participation in global campaigns.

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XS is all about marketing do-good culture. Creating a pull with positivity from inside of the brand and then pushing that out to the world.

Every XS product has a story. The XS and distributor story comes alive when the user gets activated in our campaigns to push themselves and do more for their personal betterment. We regularly asked people to talk about their story of how the brand helped them, which ultimately created the foundation for the XS community, culture and the movement, supported by a global digital first initiatives.

Every XS product has a story. The XS and distributor story comes alive when the user gets activated in our campaigns to push themselves and do more for their personal betterment.

We connected the dots from online to offline. Created tools and assets for our community to get and remain activated with. We pushed and pulled brand initiatives in multiple languages and in over 40+ countries. We encouraged disruption and asked our distributors to “no longer ask for permission to be successful.” Go out and blaze your own path and join the community. #LongLiveXS

We curated, built, strategize, executed and managed a global digital eco-system for those who wanted to be apart of a community, a culture and a movement, fueled by XS. We created and executed offline and online strategies that helped push and pull the audience to engage and participate in the brand’s movements.

From these strategies, a global phenomenon of ‘sharing product and posting to social’ was born. This was accomplished with almost zero budget dollars spent for virility and brow raising global community participation.

Vishaal was asked to create an institutional ‘go-to-guide’ for markets to execute and localize on their own. The XS Global Social Media Best Practices was born. With direct sales giants watching, XS paved the path for digital transformation at Amway.

Focusing on millennial market penetration, community engagement and growing buyers, the XS brand quickly became the new kid on the block that was a force to be reckoned with.

Today the XS community is deeply connected to the brand through social media and in field training. XS is not an energy drink or a sports nutrition brand, it's not just another lifestyle brand born in California. It’s a vibe.

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